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1 Year Anniversary of Hot Glue Gun Helpers and We Are Celebrating With a Giveaway!!

Our Baby Turns 1!

We are celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Hot Glue Gun Helpers.  To say thanks for all the support we are giving away 3 sets of tools, 3 pink glue guns from Adtech and 3 finger caps!

We feel so blessed by all the support and encouragement from crafters and indie-retailers!!


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 Have a peek at the journey!

 This was stage one of the felt, cardboard and bamboo skewer prototypes.  So funny to look back!

 Hot Glue Gun Helpers make their debut at CHA and they were a hit!  Crafters were delighted and excited!

 Round two of the prototypes!  Getting Closer!!

 Our photo shoot for the package!

 The first box is opened!!  Yea!

If you want to snag some now, please visit our official shop at etsy.

The business stuff....

All items are provided by me (Cathie Filian) and are in accordance with the Blogher Rules.

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Deadline: Comments must be received by midnight Jan 30, 2012.  Odds of winning will depend on the number of eligible entries received.

You must have a mailing address in the United States of America. (sorry international folks!)

Weddings : Rustic Bridal Brunch : Wood Burned Chargers and Altered Glass Plates

Rustic Bridal Brunch: Wood Chargers and Leaf Plates

Up next in the series of posts about the Rustic Bridal Brunch from Creative Juice is the wood burned charger and altered plate.  The chargers really make a statement and they make a wonderful gift for the bride.  They are awesome on a Thanksgiving table.  The plates have a temporary altered element (skeleton leaves) that can be washed off and the plates.  The plates can then be reused for any occasion.

To get started, Use tracing paper and a printed graphic of the initials you want to place on the charger.  This charger was from Walnut Hollow.  I just love the rustic bark edge.  Visit their page here. 

Next, use the wood burning tool and the tip of your choice to burn the letters into the wood charger.  You can add additional elements and designs.  Make sure you follow the instructions on the tool package.  This is not kid friendly...the tip of the tool gets very hot!

Next, add a stain or a clear finish to seal the design.

To create the skeleton leaf design on the plates we used Mod Podge to glue the leaves to the underside of the plates. 

Pour a little Mod Podge onto a craft mat.  Dip the leaf into the Mod Podge.  (Skeleton leaves are available at most craft stores.)

Position onto the backside of a glass plate.  Use a damp cotton swab to clean the edges if needed.  Allow to dry.  This plate is designed to be temporary as this will not withstand washing.  You can hand wash the top of the plate.  To remove the leaf... soak the plate in soapy water and wash clean.  Mod Podge is non-toxic. 

Goldsign Jeans Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook

Are you keen on making jeans your main style staple but fear you'll quickly run out of interesting outfit ideas? Fear not, denim lover, as the Goldsign Jeans spring 2012 lookbook is filled with exciting style choices to explore during the upcoming months.

Nothing says casual more than a cute pair of jeans matched with a simple top and a fabulous pair of shoes. As simple as the formula might seem, finding ways to keep such a seemingly basic look interesting requires a high degree of versatility and creativity. For simple yet alluring style lovers and for those who see denim as a timeless yet always interesting fashion staple, the Goldsign Jeans spring summer 2012 lookbook is sure to prove a much desired inspiration source.

Taking quite a few style elements from the '80s, the brand reinvents simplicity and gives plain outfits a spin by bringing a healthy mix of eye-popping hues and more suble, toned down color palettes and creating youthful, fun outfits that can be easily replicated in real life. Dark wash rolled jeans, flared jeans or bright, colorful ones are all excellent alternatives for a chic, fuss free look. Creative combinations and just the right focus on details and accessories, take low maintenance outfits to new style levels.

Simple tank-top/ short sleeve and jeans combos become focal points instantly due to the contrasting tones used as well as to the discreet yet high impact accessories. Simple layered necklaces, suede pumps or coral wedges complete the outfit perfectly without making it too complex. Such discreet yet powerful tonal variations can be used even by those who shy away from bold hues to avoid stepping too far out of their style comfort zone.

Looking to experiment with the bold color trend? Try intense purple tones, bright yellow, hot green or coral tones for a chic, classy look. Pair a basic outfit with a matching fuss-free hairstyle and a classy, well defined makeup style and you won't have to worry about any possible faux pas or looking too plain. Stand out this season without overspending by creatively exploring practical mixing and matching alternatives.

Photo courtesy of Gold Sign Jeans

Nothing wrong with western influence: Sonam Kapoor

While the Indian youth faces criticism for aping the west, young actress Sonam Kapoor says she finds nothing wrong with it as good values are "universal".

"Values are usually universal...good values are universal. The west in not a devil coming to change our minds about certain things. Yes, we have amazing values in India which we should be very proud of. But I think it's fine to get influenced by the world because the world is getting smaller in a lot of ways," the 26-year-old actress said here at a youth fest.

Sonam, considered to be a style icon for the youths, feels India has a great future because of the young population in the country.

"India is predominantly a youthful nation. When you are younger, you are more idealistic and you want to strive for a better future for ourselves. I think we have an amazing future because we are such a young nation," she said..

Sonam's last release was "Players". She is currently working on Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra's "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag", in which she will be seen with Farhan Akhtar.

News Source:

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DIY: Valentine Candy or Gift Box with Altered Cherubs

Valentine Gift Box with Altered Cherubs

Here are some new cuties in the shop.  They are perfect for altering with paints, inks and glitter.  Please visit the materials list at the end of the post for all the items used.

Begin by painting the cherubs with gold paint.  For this design I used 3 coats of FolkArt Gold paint.

Next, I applied Mod Podge with a detail brush to the areas I wanted to glitter.

Sprinkle with glitter.

Paint a paper box with the same gold paint.

To finish off the box, I Mod Podged a piece of paper to the top of the box.  (BTW - the paper is a sneak peek at our new line of papers - Summer 2012) Next, I hot glued the cherub to the top of the box and I added gems to the top.  Lastly, I hot glued a strip of metallic ribbon around the edge of the lid of the box.

Materials Used:

Paper Box
Foam Paintbrush
Hot Glue

Weddings: DIY Rustic Bridal Brunch - The Table and Flowers

The Final Table Setting

This wedding shower/brunch idea is from one of my favorite episodes of Creative Juice.  We had so much fun making all the bits and baubles that go into a table setting.  I'll be posting the recipes and crafts over the next few days.

Posts to come:
Chocolate Birds and Nests
Wood Burned Chargers
Skeleton Leaf Plates
Bloody Mary Drinks
Garlic Toasted Bread
Homemade Pesto
Fruit Kobobs

The Centerpieces

For the centerpieces we wanted something that a garden and rustic feel.  The vases were from Mosketels in downtown Los Angeles.  I have seen similar styles at floral supply and decorator shops.  For the flowers we chose large bloomed flowers (hydrangeas), stalk flowers (delphiniums) and delicate accent flowers (Queen Anne's lace).

The Tablecloth

The final touch on the brunch table was the tablecloth itself. We laced ribbon trough a piece of fax suede fabric. Super easy and the results were stunning.

How to make the Tablecloth:

60” wide faux suede, cut 2 times the length of your dining table
Iron-on hem tape
1” wide blue painters tape
Craft knife
Self-healing mat
1” wide ribbon, 3 times the length of your dining table

1. Hem the edges of the faux suede by folding in each side 1” and ironing on hem tape.

2. Place fabric length on your table and apply painters tape down each side length, approximately 6” from the edge of the table.

3. Using the ruler and pen, mark 1” increments down the length of each taped line.

4. Protecting the table surface with a self-healing mat, slit the tape at each mark with the craft knife. Work down the length of the table on both sides.

5. Remove tape. Lace ribbon through the slits. Gather and cinch the cloth where it drapes off the table by pulling on the ribbon and tying in a bow.

Escada Spring Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

Take advantage of the amazing power of classy attire options to create a seductive elegant look that will make you become a fashion icon without tons of effort by taking a closer look at the Escada spring/summer 2012 campaign.

Structured, perfectly fitting pieces might be the main style highlights of the new season, yet indulging in elegant, loose fitting attire options can be surprisingly refreshing and liberating if done correctly. If elegant classy yet seemingly undemanding fashion alternatives are go to styles for the new season, you'll be head over heels with the new spring 2012 Escada ad campaign which focuses on these exact principles.

Classy and sultry are not necessarily two notions that have to be mutually exclusive and the lust-worthy attire options that stand right at the border of refined and classy and casual and seductive are a wonderful illustration of this fashion mantra. Well defined structure with a twist can make even the most conservative attire choices smoking hot and Iselin Steiro sure helps to get this important point across within seconds.

Colorful jumpsuits, flowy dresses, body sculpting suits, masculine blouses and a confident attitude are all the ingredients needed for a head turning look this season according to the brand. No need to stress over creating elaborate structures or go overboard by selecting flashy accessories in order to stand out. In fact, choosing adaptable, functional accessories is best if you are keen on keeping things practical and simple.

Adding a mysterious allure to your look couldn't be simpler with the help of the season's most representative accessory, sunglasses, which paired with a purposely messy vibe given by a fabulous hairstyle will automatically ensure the 'wow' factor. With accessories like flat sandals, thin belts and simple long necklaces, the irresistible touch is intensely magnified. Create your best looks with simple style rules by taking inspiration from the alluring outfits displayed.

News Source:
Photo courtesy of Escada