Jumat, 25 Juni 2010

Denisa Dvorakova does Denim!

We are in awe of the beautiful Denisa Dvorakova here at Elite, and we'd be shocked if you weren't too. Yet another winner of the Elite Model Look competition, Denisa has been hugely successful and in the past few months alone has graced the covers of Spanish Vogue as well as French Marie Claire - in a stunning demin bikini - and has even been the face of the latest Givenchy campaign.

We aren't suprised by her success at all, this girls looks and talent paired with her determination and willingness to work means that she has been constantly busy. Not many people can make a demin bikini and hat look good together, but that's why we love Denisa so much. She can pull off what so many others can't! So be brave when you choose your new bikinis this summer and try something a touch unconventional.

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