Kamis, 29 Juli 2010

Heading home.

CHA in Chicago was awesome fun! I'll have a recap of cool new
products and ideas very soon. In the meantime - it is a glass of
merlot at O'Hare, a few more chapters in my book and some zzzz on the


4 days in and our 12 EML recruits are walking, talking and dressing like models... but can they pass the ultimate test - the FASHION SHOW?

Dress rehearsal gets underway

After a leisurely Thursday breakfast at the fashion-fabulous Mayfair hotel the girls strolled round to the final show venue, the incredible One Mayfair to crack on with the main event. Rehearsals got underway immediately, with the girls taking their first steps on a real catwalk under the guidance of last year's winner, Nyasha Matonhodze. 

Nyasha shows the girls how it's done

The terribly talented Toni & Guy Art Team were once again on hand to coif the girls to perfection, with celeb makeup artists Daniel Sandler  and his team supplying the makeup. All a-flutter in their Eylure lashes and ready to rock their Warehouse looks, the spotlight moment arrived for our finalists... look out for show and winner pictures here over the weekend!

Louise gets some practice on the other side of the camera


The week is flying by and now it's time for our 12 Elite Model Look finalists to chill out and enjoy the model lifestyle before tomorrow's big final show. The day started with a morning visit to the ultra-glam Urban Retreat at Harrods, where the girls were treated to makeup classes, skincare consultations, manicures and massages... all primped and preened and so relaxed we had to drag the dozing models off to their next appointment. Well they deserved a nap.... 

Another blast of catwalk workshop at the agency was followed by a trip to lovely style partner WAREHOUSE's flagship store in Argyll Street. The girls got the red carpet treatment as the store was closed especially for them to shop, while Warehouse's stylists helped them pick out the perfect model looks.

Just one sleep left before the big show!

Rabu, 28 Juli 2010


After the excitement of makeovers,  Day 3 of the Samsung Diva Elite Model Look Final saw our girls get in front of the camera to show off their new looks. With everyone getting to know each other, and a team of almost 20 getting are girls ready for their first major shoot, it was an action-packed if exhausting day for our little supermodels... the full shoot will be published soon but in the meantime here's a taster of the day.


Photography by Rokas Darulis
Styling by Warehouse
Hair by Toni & Guy Art Team
Makeup by Daniel Sandler Team

Thanks also to Holborn Studios, Kiel deValera, Colin Smith, Tomek Jasinski and Denis Shklovsky

Selasa, 27 Juli 2010


The Samsung Diva Elite Model Look Final Week stepped up to full speed on Monday with the first finalist workshops and the only bit of the week scarier than the catwalk... hair makeovers!

Our girls started the day with breakfast at the agency followed by a workshop and seed snack with Ian Marber, the Food Doctor, and then headed on to Toni & Guy's Oxford Street Academy for their makeovers with T&G's top session team. We created a fringe, two bobs, a bleach blonde, an Audrey Hepburn brunette, and used at least a thousand foils, and completely without tears too. High five, girls!

Meeting the Food Doctor

A catwalk workshop and quick spin on our new toy the EML BUS, finished the day off nicely. Next up, the photoshoot! We hope you're ready...

Eilidh goes blonde

Make This: Hot Glue and Tattered Rose Scarf & PIn

Using my Tattered Rose Tutorial, create 3 large flowers. Add chunky vintage style gems to the center. Sew or fabric glue to a scarf.

Using my Tattered Rose Tutorial, create 1 large rose with matte satin fabric. Add chunky vintage style gems to the center and mini gems around the flower.

Hot glue a poker chip to the back and pin back to the back of the flower.

Make This: Hot Glue and Tattered Rose Purses

Using my Tattered Rose Tutorial make 2 large flowers and 2 smaller ones. Hot glue the flowers on top of each other. Glue a chunk button in the center. Embellish a purse with hot glued feathers. Nect, hot glue the tattered flowers to the purse.

Close Up!

Clutch bag! Add a little tulle behind the flower!


We are so excited to announce our 3 new Permanent DT Members and 2 guests also joining us for August and September. Our new guests will be joining our current gals Melanie and Crystal :-) We have chosen guests to take us up until Christmas but you will have to wait a little longer until these are announced ;-) Thank you so much again to everyone who took the time to enter our DT Call and for sharing your beautiful creations with us. The decision wasn't easy but we are so pleased to announce......

Permanent Design Team

Hi, my name is Tracy from clean green New Zealand. I am married to a very understanding husband! and have two beautiful ratbags. oops I meant to say girls! I have been blogging for a few years now and love the great friendships that come from it. I started out as an SU demo but found it too restrictive. Then I learnt how to go shopping overseas without jumping on a plane.... uh-oh... big mistake!

My most loved craft item for card making would have to be my beloved copics. I am honoured and excited to be a part of Wags n Whiskers design team and can't wait to work with the rest of the talented team to inspire, encourage and showcase these wonderful images.

I've been with my wonderful husband for nearly 18 years. We have two fantastic children and a pussy cat called Mindy (a gorgeous silver tabby)... other than card making, I love cross stitch, scrapbooking and taking photo's.. I also make A-MAZ-ING carrot cake...and im VERY bad at Karaoke - though i think im all that after a couple or three drinks... oh and you should also know that i'm seriously addicted to Harry Potter... and finally although nobody ever believes me.. despite being from Barnsley i've never seen or read "Kez" (the shame )... lol

My name’s Angélique and living in The Netherlands with my cats Jet and Gizmo.
Loved being creative when I was younger and still love it a lot, specially stamping and scrapbooking. Love to work with different kind of stamps: Rubber, acrylic and digital images as well.

As a Kindergartenteacher I can combine being creative with my job which is fab! Love it!
The time I have left is dedicated to my family, friends and cats, being creative, playing flute, shopping (hee… I just looooooove this!) and more. So I’m quite a busy bee.

Guest Designers: August/September

Emma - UK

I have a 14 year old son, Liam, and run with the help of my mum our family bakery here in Manchester. I am addicted to paper crafting and a lot of my cards reflect my skills in cake design and decoration in my style and flower arrangements. I love spending time with my family and share a blog with my mum http://thetwopinkladies.blogspot.com. My favourite style at the moment is shabby chic. I love all things pink, girly and glittery!!!!

Louise - New Zealand

My name is Louise. I am a stay at home Mum to my two little boys and baby girl. I'm also lucky enough to be on some fantastic DT's doing what I love using COPICS and stamps. I hope my creations and tutorials provide inspiration.

Please take your time to visit these fabulous girls blogs! We can't wait to see what wonderful cards and projects they will create with our stamps! Welcome to the team!

Make This: Hot Glue and Tattered Rose Necklace and Bracelet

Using my Tattered Rose Tutorial make 1 large flower and 2 small flowers. Add funky buttons and layered gems to the centers. Hot the flowers to a plain bib style necklace. This base was from Forever 21 and was $6.00. Add little ties to the ends of the chains.

Close up!

Hot glue a layered tattered rose to a bracelet blank!

Make This: Hot Glue and Mod Podge Locket

Coat a piece of lace with Mod Podge. Position the lace over the top of a locket. (the lace should be slightly larger than the locket) Once dry, trim the edges of the lace to match the edges of the locket. Hot glue a gem in the center. Add scrap ties of fabric to the top of the locket.

Make This: Hot Glue and Hairsticks and Gem Ring

Using Hot Glue Gen Helper Tweezers, hot glue gems around the top of a pair of hairsticks!
(HGGH Tools are shipping soon!)

Mod Podge a piece of decorative paper to the top of a flat ring. Hot glue a gem in the center. Using the HGGH Tweezers, gem glue tiny rhinestones around the edge.

Make This: Hot Glue and Tattered Rose Fedora and Glasses

Using my Tattered Rose Tutorial, make 2 large roses. Add tattered sheer fabric and a gem to the center. Attach with hot glue. Hot glue a few feathers to a hat. Hot glue the flowers in a layered fashion to the hat.

Using the Hot Glue Gun Helpers Tweezers and gem glue, attach tiny rhinestones to the edges of funky glasses.

Here Come the Girls!

Our Samsung Diva Elite Model Look finalists are here at last! The top 12 girls to emerge from our 2010 casting tour are in town preparing for their catwalk debut at Thursday's Grand Final, and we are SO excited to finally have them all to ourselves for a week!  From the minute they arrived on Sunday the girls have been on the go, starting with fittings for their too-fabulous-for-words bespoke Warehouse dresses, choosing their skyscraper catwalk heels, and delving into goody bags including mobile phones, clothes and beauty products from our lovely sponsors Samsung Diva, Warehouse, Toni & Guy, Eylure and All for Eve.

The girls are briefed on the week's events

Leeds girl Jenni raids the goody bags

The girls are off to check into their swanky pad for the week now, and we can't wait to see what tomorrow's makeover day at Toni & Guy holds instore! Watch this space as they spend the week turning into models before our eyes...

Hannah and Grace make the critical choice of which heels to wear on the catwalk

Make This: Hot Glue and Tattered Rose Shoes

Using my Tattered Rose Tutorial, create 2 large flowers and 2 smaller flowers. Add delicate gems to the center. Glue to the center of heels.

Hot glue chunky buttons to the front of flats!

Make This: Hot Glue and Tattered Rose Headbands

Using my Tattered Rose Tutorial, create 1 medium flower. Add a small gem to the center. Hot glue to a feathered headband.

Using my Tattered Rose Tutorial, create 1 large flower. Hot glue feathers to a headband, hot glue a tattered rose over the feathers, layers buttons and gems over the flower - attach with hot glue or gem glue.

Senin, 26 Juli 2010

CHA - Chicago

It is hot in Chicago and our new tools are just as hot.......we are burning up the plaid booth with Hot Glue Gun Helpers and can't wait for the show to open tomorrow.

We will be in the booth all day Tuesday and Wednesday. Come by and see us!

Everyday we are giving away free Hot Glue Gun Helpers!!!!

No more burns!

The booth - still getting set up...

Proud MAMA!!!