Senin, 31 Oktober 2011

River Delfin II The Very Best of Versace for H&M

The Elite office went crazy when we heard that Versace was teaming up with H&M to re-create some of their most famous looks, but this time for a fraction of the price. We were even more excited when our very own River Delfin Viiperi was annouced as the male face of the campaign. Following in the footsteps of design greats including Stella McCartney, Lanvin and Sonia Rykiel the collaboration will be available from 17th November, but until then you can check out the whole collection (and some rather dashing lookbook pics of River) here.

Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

The ups and downs of HSN and the sweet feeling of Selling Out.

Over the past few years, I have been doing appearances at HSN.   It has been a wild ride, loaded with sleepless nights, long flights and heavy makeup. (I'm in LA and they are in Tampa)  Some days, I wanted to cry from being so tired, having crappy sales or from being partnered with a host that didn't let me explain the product. One day....I did CRY....but they were happy tears and they came on the heels of the words....SOLD OUT!

 Rain or Shine......24 hours a day!

The world of 24 hour home shopping TV is a world of its own.  It takes some time and experience to get the "hang" of it and I am so happy that I have found a place in this fun and nutty world.

I started presenting items for my beloved Mod Podge and Folkart Chalkboard Paint.  I graduated to licensed items for Hanna Montana and High School Musical.  For that gig, I sat my tush down and watched a marathon of the HM and all of the HSM movies.  I needed to know the "ins and outs" of Troy and Hanna for a good show. I needed to know why the Troy rubberstamps featured basketball jerserys.  Can you imagine if I got a call from someone and I didn't know???  That would be major egg on my face.... live 2:00 am egg.  I have also presented Silk Screen kits, glass paints and texture paints and each time the tales are nuts.

Hot Glue gun Helpers first shot at HSN!

Seven months ago, I finally got a chance to present our own invention, Hot Glue Gun Helpers.  I was thrilled, freaking out and most importantly, I was a proud mama....... and then I got the news that I would be on for 5 min at 4:00 am {East coast}......ouch.  Who would be watching???? Well surprise surprise - crafters were watching and we sold out!  Steve and I, are so grateful....It has been hard to invent a brand new product, navigate corporate America and keep your chin up at the same time.

When I walked out the HSN door the P.A. who assists with the mics and earbuds says to me "hey kid, you did good - call your rep tomorrow.  I think you will be happy" I almost started to cry.  I couldn't believe my ears.

I raced back to my hotel, turned on my laptop, navigated to my page at HSN and there it was in red.  SOLD OUT.  Take that XYZ retailers who told me crafters don't use hot glue.

My next stop with HSN and Hot Glue Gun Helpers would be a return trip that was crushed before it got off the ground.  You can read the nightmare story here.  In the end it was a blessing in disguise as our next presenting day had better time slots and I got to see some crafty friends.

 Me and my pal Sandi Genovese.  See her new products here.

The halls of HSN on 24 craft days are sprinkled with designers and industry veterans.  We all support each other, check out the new products and share lots of giggles.  Kind of like a quick summer camp that involves make-up and demos.

Soar art made with Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun Helpers.

The demos are pretty easy since you only get a few moments to explain your product.  It is the displays that take awhile to create.  For the Hot Glue Gun Helpers, I made all the displays back home in Los Angeles and packed them in a suitcase for the trip.  For my displays, I like to show lots of different ways you can use hot glue and Hot Glue Gun Helpers. 

Love this scrapbook!

 This frame was so much fun to make.

 This was the demo card.  I'll be doing a step by step soon.

Of course I love making wreaths with hot glue.

 The day begins in the middle of the night with me rolling my hair in my hotel.  Most folks don't travel to HSN with rollers in their hair....but I have no shame and a whole lotta hair.  I just like to give the make-up folks a head start.

Next is table set are Carol and Gena working behind the scenes to breakdown a previous product.  We are constantly opening boxes, setting up tables and then tearing them down again.

 About 1.5 hours before you go live you get into make-up....hopefully with a cup of coffee in your hand.  Next stop is getting a microphone and an ear bud.  If you look close we all have ear buds where producers are talking in our ears the whole time.....that gets old. LOL.

 Ready to go live.....just waiting in the wings! is an adrenaline pumping fast few minutes.  Generally it is over before you even knew it began. 

And here it was again.....the sweetest words an inventor has ever seen......SOLD OUT.  Thanks so much to everyone who called in, log on or just said good thoughts for us.  It has been such a journey and we could not have made it this far without the support of Plaid and all of you.  I got the good news last week that we will be back in March and they doubled their pressure.

Thanks for joining me on this journey~

Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011

Challenge 66: Black plus Ribbons or Pearls

Hello stamping friends!

Thank you all for entering the Fall Colors Challenge!!
Unfortunately, there is only 1 winner and that is...
Congratulations, Diane!! Please email me at with your choice of a free WnW rubber stamp!
Here is Diane's gorgeous card - such beautiful coloring...

Now it's time for a new challenge being hosted by Angelique.
Black with Ribbons or Pearls!

You can add any other colors you want as long as there is at least some black (more than just the stamped image) and either a ribbon or a pearl.

The prize is a Free Wags 'n Whiskers Rubber Stamp to one random participant.
You don't have to use a WnW stamp, but if you do, you will be entered into a 2nd drawing for a Free WnW Digital Stamp!

If you are in need of any Wags 'n Whiskers images, we have them available in both Rubber Stamps and Digital Stamps.

Also, if you would like to be a Guest DT for our next Challenge, add GDT to your name when you enter this week's challenge.

And now, let's check out the awesome Design Team cards for your inspiration...

We are being joined this week with Guest DT Erin Reed (winner of last week's challenge):
Now it's your turn!!

Justin Bieber once again driving troubles at Los Angeles

The pop baby Justin Bieber once again involved troubles driving; he gets just a warning following cop pulled the younger over in his Batman-themed Cadillac. Law enforcement sources tell us, Bieber was cruising around Los Angeles this week.

Bieber’s Batman-customized Cadillac in the city - flanked by a Range Rover and a Rolls Royce - when he cut off an officer and was asked to stop driving, gossip website TMZ published.

Last time he was concerned in a small crash with a Honda Civic in Los Angeles while driving his Ferrari, and he was pulled over by in secret police earlier in the year while driving Sean Kingston's Rolls Royce because they thought he was too young.

Reports: "An undercover police officer was driving behind Justin and [his passenger] Sean Kingston. He pulled them over in front of the restaurant on Ocean Drive because he thought it was strange that this young kid was driving a brand new convertible Rolls-Royce."

Lindsay Lohan to pose nude for Playboy for $1m

Hollywood Actress Lindsay Lohan ready to pose nude photos for a Playboy shoot that will net her an amazing $1million.

The troubled actress, who was prepared to clean LA County morgue this week as part of her community sentence, she will pose nude for the second time in her career.

At the time, she also claimed to be completely comfortable stripping off.

“I didn’t have to put much thought into it,” Lohan said. “Working with Bert Stern on a Marilyn Monroe shoot was really an honour. When is that ever going to come up again?

“I was comfortable with it, the nudity and everything.”

Her fans will be able to see the pictures soon as shooting starts this weekend.

Lohan came to fame starring in ‘iconic’ films such as Mean Girls, Freaky Friday and Herbie: Fully Loaded. She also gained notoriety for appearing in a sex video with ex-boyfriend Calum Best that was released on the internet.

Free Patterns: Easy Halloween Dog Tee's and Costumes

Lark Crafts is giving away free dog costume patterns from my book, Bow Wow WOW!  Pop on over and download a PDF today!

Lots of low sew ideas!

Adriana Cernanova II Wonderbra

Remember when Wonderbra launched their traffic halting 'Hello Boys' Campaign? Well move over Eva there is a new show-stopper in town. That's right we are very proud to announce our very own Adriana C as the face of Wonderbra. You will have to wait a bit longer for the actual campaign but take a look at the video here as a taster of things to come. Jaw-dropping.

Our New Reel!

Have a peek at our new reel!  

We also have a new joint facebook page....please join us there for daily scoop!

Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

Make a DIY Halloween place setting with scrapbook papers and Mod Podge.

Anyone who has been to my house for a holiday meal, knows that I "heart" chargers - as nuts as it sounds....I really do just like the way they frame a plate.  So when I was working on Halloween ideas and came across black chargers at the dollar store...I was a bit smitten and inspired!

You only need a few things...... {{Gather This}}

Glass Plate
Scrapbook Paper
Mod Podge
Foam Paintbrush
Torn Book Pages
Folkart Metallic Paint in Silver
Paper Towel

 Begin by tracing a circle from scrapbook paper.  This should be sized to fit the base of the plate.

 Apply a coat of Mod Podge to the printed side of the paper.

Apply a second coat of Mod Podge to the back of the paper.

Place the paper in the center (backside) of the plate.  Press any air bubbles with your fingers, smooth your brushstrokes.  Use a damp paper towel to clean any Mod Podge that is brushed over the edge of the paper.  Allow to dry.  Hand wash the top only with a damp rag.  Don't submerge in water.

Working on the charger, Mod Podge torn book pages around the center of the charger.  Allow to dry.

Scrunch a damp paper towel into a ball.  Dip the paper towel into silver paint.  Tap paint around the edges.  Allow to dry.

Finished Charger.

Layer the plate over the charger.

Make This: Frida Inspired Paper-mache Skull for Day of The Dead.

Paper-mache Skull for Day of The Dead.

I love Mod Podging with old book pages....they create such interesting textures and prints.  I usually pick up used paperbacks at my local thrift shop for under 50 cents.  My favorite are the old romance novels....they are so fun to read while you craft!  LOL.

This was designed for Plaid and was featured in our 2011 Halloween designs.  You can see our page at Plaid here.

{Gather This}For this project you will only need a few supplies.....

Paper-mache skull (this was from Michaels)
Old book pages (cut into small squares)
Mod Podge Gloss
Foam Paintbrush
Hot Glue Gun Helpers
Hot Glue
Paper Flowers
Feather Trim
Sturdy Paper Box
Folkart Acrylic Paint - 661 Metallic Sequin Black
Folkart Acrylic Paint – 2578 Leaf Green

 Coat the backand front of the book pages with Mod Podge, position onto the skull, smooth any airbubbles with your finger and top coat with a layer of Mod Podge. Continueadding more papers until the entire skull is covered.  Allow to Dry. 
 Cut a strip of lace to be the veil.Gather the lace with your fingers and attach using hot glue.  Be sure to wear Hot Glue Gun Helpers so you don't burn your finger. 
Hot glue feathers, flowers and other embellishments.  {{see the broken earring glued to the side?}} You can embellish the skull with almost anything that fits the theme.
Texture the top of the box by thickly applying random pounces of Mod Podge.  Allow to dry.

Dip the foam paintbrush into leaf green paint, tapoff the excess and tap onto the top of the box in a distressed fashion.  
 Paint the baseof the box with a foam paintbrush and black paint.   
 Hot glue the skull to the top of the box. Add more flowers and feathers around the base of the skull.