Jumat, 02 Juli 2010

I HEART Shrink Plastic!!!

This little shrunken plastic bracelet and earrings set is from the Plastic Fantastic episode of Creative Juice on HGTV. It is a perfect project for tweens & teens! Use an embossing gun or an oven to shrink the plastic.

Shrink Plastic Link Bracelet Supplies:
Shrink plastic paper (black and white)
Large circle punch
Hole punch
Large jump rings
Embossing heat gun
Bamboo skewer
Bracelet clasp
Round-nosed pliers

Punch or cut large circles from the black and white shrink paper using the large circle punch. Punch two holes opposite one another on each circle. (draw on the circle with a metallic permanent marker if desired.)

Shrink by applying heat from an embossing gun. Hold the charm in place by using a bamboo skewer in the punched hole. Alternatively, shrink the charm in the oven according to the shrink paper manufacturer’s instructions. Press down with a glass or other flat surface to flatten, if necessary.

Link the shrunk circles together with large jump rings using round-nosed pliers. Attach clasps at each end.

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