Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

Painting with Paper Cups: Tote Bags

Modern Ring Tote Bags
 from Creative Juice 408 - Rings and Things

Wanna make perfectly cute circles?
Use paper cups dipped in paint to make oodles of designs.

1 canvas tote bag
3 small plastic plates
Orange FolkArtpaint
Brown FolkArt paint
Tan FolkArt paint
FolkArt Textile medium
3 plastic cups various sizes
Stack of old newspapers
Circular Bamboo purse handles


1. Press the bag to remove any wrinkles and place the newspaper in the bag to prevent the paint from seeping thru to the other side. Tuck in the straps to prevent any drips.

3. Pour a small amount of each of the paint colors on to the plates. Then add some textile medium to the paints. This will make your acrylic paint permanent. Mix well.

4. Dip the “Ring” opening of the cup into the paint, shake off any excess paint and press onto the bag to create stamped ring shapes.  Our Pattern is: Largest Cup = Dark Brown Paint, Medium Cup = Orange Paint and Smallest Cup = Tan Paint. Let dry for 25 hours and then heat set.

5. For the bamboo handles: Go into the existing handle area and fold the handles over the bamboo rings. Pin them into place.

6. Cut away excess handle. Remove pins and “seal” off edges - With a flame, sear the edge of the nylon webbing, to prevent fraying.

7. Pin handles back into place and with a needle and thread stitch handles onto tote.

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