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What is Bipasha Basu's fitness mantra?

Stay fit, stay fabulous. That’s the mantra actor Bipasha Basu swears by. A fitness enthusiast, the 32-year-old Bollywood diva talks about fitness, fashion winter care and lot more:

I’m a fitness enthusiast and it takes a lot of discipline and
special care to get a fit body. It is important that you exercise everyday to stay fit. The main emphasis should be on working out the abs and lower limbs.

A mix of cardio and weight training helps. These are important just not for a good bikini body but a fit and fabulous body in general. I also stick to a specific diet and keep away from sweets. I never indulge in junk food and most importantly, I eat on time. I’m glad I did all this because my discipline has paid off and I have received umpteen compliments for the look.

How do you take care of yourself in winter?
I primarily take a healthy diet comprising vitamin B2 or Riboflavin. A good moisturiser helps a long way in keeping skin nourished in this season. Chapped lips are one of the most common problems in this season so a good lip balm is a must. I use Vasocare and even apply a thin coat before putting on lipstick. Most importantly, even if you don’t feel thirsty, keep yourself well- hydrated by having lots of water. I drink around eight glasses of water every day.

Do you plan to roll out more fitness videos in future?
My fitness DVD, Bipasha Basu Love Yourself — Fit and Fabulous You was appreciated and has inspired me to work towards my next DVD.

I am aiming at launching a series of DVDs in 2012. My first DVD was more women-centric so my male fans wrote back requesting not to neglect them. So, now I am working towards something that will be beneficial for both men and women.

Lastly, what is your fashion mantra?
Comfort comes first. I prefer my garments to be comfortable and of course fashionable. I pick garments which reflect my personality and my penchant for fitness.

One must exercise everyday. The main emphasis should be on working out the abs and lower limbs. A mix of cardio and weight training helps

I might launch my next series of fitness DVDs in 2012. My first DVD was more women-centric, but these would benefit even men.

News and Images Credit: hindustantimes.com

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