Senin, 16 Januari 2012

Make it: Grown Up Paper Beads and Rose Quartz Necklace

 On the set of Creative Juice...making beads and stringing them up.

Make it: Paper Beads
Re-Craft tiny scraps of paper into pretty beads.

Mod Podge - gloss
Colorful wrapping or scrapbook paper (glossy works best)
Bamboo skewers

1. Cut paper into triangles approximately 1" or less across the bottom and approximately 2" long.

2. Apply Mod Podge to the back of the paper.

3. Starting at the wide end of the paper, roll it tightly around a bamboo skewer.

4. Apply glue to the last 1/2" of the paper (the pointed end) and roll into place. Once it dry, apply Mod Podge over the surface of the beads to create a glossy finish.

Make it: Paper Bead and Rose Quartz Necklace


2 paper beads
chain (long enough to make necklace the desired length)
decorative beads (here, two beads were used, one large and one small rosy quartz)
2 jump rings
2 crimp beads
wire cutters
round-nose jewelry pliers
1 head pin

1. Cut a length of chain to use as the base of the necklace.

2. Slide rosy quartz beads onto a head pin. With the wire cutters, snip off the head pin excess, leaving enough to make a loop. Use round-nose pliers to form a loop at the end of the head pin.

3. Locate the middle point of the chain and attach the bead charm you just made to this point. Use pliers to open the loop of the head pin and attach it to the link in the middle of the chain.

4. Slide paper beads onto the chain, putting one on each side of the charm.

5. With round-nose pliers open up the jump rings and attach one to each end of the chain. Attach one half of the clasp to one of the jump rings and the other half of the clasp to the other jump ring. Close the jump rings with the pliers.

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