Jumat, 21 Januari 2011

Elite Model Q&A: Charlotte Benson

Bloggers meet Charlotte Benson...you may recognise her from Italian Vogue but we know her as the mad blonde who never fails to make us laugh...

 E: What’s your top beauty tip?
C: The cliché..cleanse, tone, moisturise and smiling!
E: If we were to take you to Starbucks right now what would you order?
C: Coor Momma! Coffee Frappuccino and one of those cherry lollies
E: What do you miss most about home when you’re travelling?
C: Laughing with my mumma
E: What item of clothing is on your s/s wish list?
C: ANYTHING from the Jil Sander s/s-superb it was!
E: As an experienced traveller what gets you through a long haul flight?
C: Leg room, boiled sweets (rhubarb and custards)
E: What did you have for breakfast today?
C: I’m just trying to remember...yoghurt with honey, seeds and a variety of fruity goods
E: f you weren’t modelling what would you be doing with your life?
C: Tornado chasing...this isn’t for laughs...I really would (E: this doesn’t surprise us!)
E: What’s been your best modelling experience so far?
C: Meeting my new scouse friend, Bethany Leader, what a fruitcake (E: we love it when these two are in the agency together...hilarious!)
E: What is your life philosophy?
C: No one is better than you...we all sit on the toilet (E: Is it wrong we see the wisdom behind this one?)
E: Apart from your portfolio what do you carry in your bag during a casting day?
C: All sorts of currency, gum and heels
E: What’s the best thing about being a model?
C: You get to be a part of something new everyday
E: What’s the worst thing about being a model?
C: Its extremely demanding...it’s hard to make plans
E: What’s the oldest thing in your wardrobe?
C: My Steps concert T-shirt and grandpas cardigan
E: Have you ever been in a school play?
C: Yes-I pride myself on being Mary in year 6
E: What would be your last meal and where?
C: A frozen yoghurt in Frae or Snog!
E: Vogue or Heat?
C: Vogue

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