Jumat, 14 Januari 2011

Elite Model Q&A: Hannah Noble

We know it’s barely been a day since our last model Q&A but we couldn’t resist putting our questions to rising star Hannah Noble when she popped into the agency between castings. So here you go bloggers, meet our down-to-earth, low maintenance, coffee drinking, skinny jeans wearing superstar...

E: What’s your top beauty tip?
H: Not really my forte...(E: take it from us...unfairly this beauty is all about soap and water)
E: If we were to take you to Starbucks right now what would you order?
H: Small filter coffee..it’s a pound. Bargin!
E: As an experienced traveller what gets you through a long haul flight?
H: The nouveau cuisine they serve on planes...obvs
E: What did you have for breakfast today?
H: Weetabix mini’s fruit and nut with semi skimmed milk
E: What song is the most played on your ipod?
H: The Whitest Boy Alive-Intentions
E: If you weren’t modelling what would you be doing with your life?
H: Ha! Good question...school??
E: What’s your favourite city you’ve seen so far?
H: Paris...without the people (E: here at Elite we love our Parisian friends...clearly Miss Noble’s been hanging out with the wrong crowd!)
E: Who’s your celebrity crush?
H: James Franco
E: What’s been your worst modelling experience so far?
H: Having to walk in high heels! (E: as you can see we have a serious tomboy on our hands!)
E: What’s been the best movie you’ve seen recently?
H: Public Enemies
E: Favourite designer?
H: Missoni
E: What’s your dream night in?
H: Catching up on sleep!
E: What is your current favourite outfit?
H: Black Converse, black skinny’s and my white Slazenger polo
E: Would you say beauty wise you’re high maintenance?
H: Erm...you can judge for yourself! (E: as we're sure you’ve gathered from reading this, Miss Noble is about as low maintenance as they come!)
E: What’s your karaoke song?
H: To be honest if I tried to sing anything it wouldn’t sound anything like the song. So N/A!

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