Sabtu, 02 April 2011

Infinity Fountain Installed - Body Broken.

Our new infinity fountain!

This week my hubby and I went hog wild and we purchased 2 new fountains for our small Los Angeles backyard. We went to 6 different shops around LA and the Valley. We saw many many great designs....but we kept going back to the Le Beau Modern Colonial Earthenware fountains from Vietnam.  We loved that they looked like yard sculptures when not in use and the colors offered so much pop!

We spotted them at our first stop, Jackalope Pottery and after a day of looking we found our way back to Jackalope.  Next was decision time.....We were planning on purchasing one fountain and we fell in love with two.  The awesome saleswoman form Argentina, who was an amazing help and very patient with our insanity of choosing a design, offered us a 25% discount if we purchased more than one.

So what did we do????
We got two!

We purchased a large blue infinity fountain (pictured above) and a tall skinny burnt orange and slate basin fountain (I'll be posting on that one later).

The installation of the infinity style was a back-breaker - but well worth it!

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