Rabu, 20 April 2011

seriously what a day....

seriously what a day....

saw a coyote this morning on my neighbors lawn.

worked on a shot list with steve for a project that is uber cool.

had to deliver some bad and good news to two amazing women.

worked on the edit prep for our kids show, makeology.

blogged our new webisode for plaid craft tv.

watched and bugged eddie while he painted the front door.

got an awesome set of sewing themed erasers from my sister.

gave my sister a bird themed necklace.

sold a few etsys from my supply shop.

posted jewelry at my new finished good shop on etsy - details soon.

packed more hot glue gun helpers for shipping.

stitched a jacket for next weeks taping of sew it all tv - pbs.

kissed my hubby.

poured some wine.

waiting for idol to start.

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