Selasa, 15 Februari 2011


E: What shop can’t you live without?
A: Oxfam
E: If we were to take you to Starbucks right now what would you order?
A: Carmel Frappuccino
E: As an experienced traveller what gets you through long haul flights?
A: Free alcohol (E: Not encouraged!)
E: What did you have for breakfast today?
A: Breakfast sandwich
E: What song is most played on your ipod?
A: The Doors-Alabama Song
E: If you weren’t modelling what would you be doing with your life?
A: An architect
E: Who’s your celebrity crush?
A: Cheryl Cole
E: What do you like to do on your days off?
A: Practise my walk & posing in the mirror
E: What’s been the best movie you’ve seen recently?
A: Inception
E: What is your life philosophy?
A: Be chill & be happy
E: Mac or PC?
A: Mac
E: Apart from your portfolio what do you carry in your bag during a casting day?
A: Moisturiser
E: How would you describe your style?
A: Mish mash
E: Have you ever been in a school play?
A: Yes-Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat
E: What’s your earliest memory?
A: Tying my shoes
E: What’s your karaoke song?
A: Rhianna S&M
E: Who would you love to be stuck in a lift with?
A: Cheryl Cole or Finn (E: Donnelly, fellow Elite boy)
E: What’s your fashion week survival strategy?
A: The Model Sanctuary (E: snazzy model retreat set up during LFW)
E: Tell us a joke
A: Someone dug up Beethovens grave and he was sitting there erasing music sheets. They asked ‘what are you doing Beethoven?’ and he replied ‘decomposing’.
E: What would be your last meal and where?
A: McDonalds in Paris. For free
E: Describe yourself in 3 words...
A: Austin Anthony Myers
E: Vogue or Heat?
A: Heat

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