Sabtu, 12 Februari 2011


E: Where are you?:
E: What’s the first thing you did when you arrived?:
G: Fill the fridge with goodies from Whole Foods and organize a catch-up with my friends.
E: Where do you like to stay and why?:
G: The West Village, I love the trees and being close to the river so that I can run in the morning.
E: Where’s the best place to go for coffee (that isn’t Starbucks!)?:
G: 9th St Espresso – best coffee outside Sydney.
E: Where is the best place to eat dinner - and why?:
G: August on Bleecker St because of its seasonal menu, personable waiters and cute setting. The courtyard in summer is also really great for dining outside without getting all the street noise.
E: Where is the best place to eat lunch - and why?:
G: Sanctuary T on West Broadway - gorgeous interior with great healthy and delicious food. Their myriad of teas and infusions makes lunch fun! Tea inspired cocktails are also a bonus for anyone nursing a hang-over.
E: Where is the best spot for breakfast - and why?:
G: Max Brenner – who doesn’t love melted chocolate first thing in the morning??
E: What’s the best way to get around?:
G: Subway. Just figuring it out is an experience!
E: Where is the best market in NY?:
G: Union Square market – the muffins from Body and Soul definitely make this place worth a visit.
E: Where is the most romantic spot in NY?:
G: Bryant Park ice rink at Christmas
E: What is your favourite NY designer and why?:
G: Rag and Bone. It’s everyday coolness and simplicity typifies NY style for me.
E: What do you normally wear In NY?:
G: whatever is clean – I hate the Laundromat!!.
E: What is your essential NY beauty product?:
G: Bio Oil – perfect to protect your face in winter

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