Kamis, 17 Februari 2011

Waving Hi and Catching my Breath.

Hello Friend,

Please excuse my blogging absence... things have been a little nutty.  The ups and downs of life really have me on a rollercoaster lately.  I guess the good part is that the extreme pull my hair out, crying as I walked through the Glendale Galleria bad stuff is SO over shadowed by all the wonderful (OMG this is real) good stuff.


Last week my hard drive bit the dust - gone - good bye - I LOST IT ALL and in the process, I managed to go into complete shock at the Mac store.  It was like a giant wave of docs, budgets, pictures and invoices flashed before my eyes.  Unfortunately, I had not backed-up since before CHA...so lots was lost.  As the giant wave began to settle, the tears began to fall from my eyes.  I was like a splotchy faucet walking through the mall.  When I got home, I managed to remain calm and still to this day, as I type on my new/old computer, I feel somewhat Ok with the whole crash and burn.  I guess I've resolved to the fact that it is time to say good-bye to somethings in order to say hello to new.

 Enough of the pity party..... 
Let's Celebrate.

{{{{{SO HAPPY FOR}}}}}

My hubby made me a handmade frame for Valentine's Day.

I got a sneak peek at the cover of my next book and I love it!

Plaid Craft TV is almost wrapped.

My mom sold a $1500.00 painting on etsy.

Hot Glue Gun Helpers are doing Smashing.

My sissy fell off a horse - but she was wearing a helmet and is only sore.

My next date for Home Shopping Network is on my Dad's Birthday!

My dog (max) got groomed and  he looks cute!

The last of my new colors of glitter have arrived and are ready for pictures.

I managed to thoroughly clean my bedroom and I reorganized the china hutch.

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