Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011

Justin Bieber once again driving troubles at Los Angeles

The pop baby Justin Bieber once again involved troubles driving; he gets just a warning following cop pulled the younger over in his Batman-themed Cadillac. Law enforcement sources tell us, Bieber was cruising around Los Angeles this week.

Bieber’s Batman-customized Cadillac in the city - flanked by a Range Rover and a Rolls Royce - when he cut off an officer and was asked to stop driving, gossip website TMZ published.

Last time he was concerned in a small crash with a Honda Civic in Los Angeles while driving his Ferrari, and he was pulled over by in secret police earlier in the year while driving Sean Kingston's Rolls Royce because they thought he was too young.

Reports: "An undercover police officer was driving behind Justin and [his passenger] Sean Kingston. He pulled them over in front of the restaurant on Ocean Drive because he thought it was strange that this young kid was driving a brand new convertible Rolls-Royce."

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