Senin, 10 Oktober 2011

Fashion Report Card: Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is probably one of the few filmstars on the newbie block in Bollywood who can survive without a dedicated fashion stylist.

 The delicate boned diva owns and applies grey matter to her wardrobe, comes up with sometimes severe, sometimes waif-like, sometimes eclectic, sometimes Parisian chic ensembles and carries them off with equal aplomb, and with her high wattage smile, sometimes superb, sometimes shocking shoes and strappy bags.

Simply gorgeous. Sonam breaks the mould of the 'short dresses and ironed tresses' brigade and gushes forth like a sheer Greco Roman delight. Her body language spells languid ease together with her perfectly accentuated cheekbones and collarbones.

Natty yet nymph like. From her smoky eyes to the fine detailing on her crisp white jacket to her immaculate black heels, Sonam Kapoor looks every bit the cat's whiskers, poured into the black pants. Super stylish.

She dares to be different. Sonam delights in a fleeting peach creation teamed with a loose lace jacket. Slightly messy hair, gentle smile, lazily looped handbag. Wish the undereye concealer had worked its magic though

Near ethereal in her traditional avatar, she perfects the traditional greeting, swathed in powder blue and pearls. Alluring!

Great hair. Not-so-great lipstick. Lousy accents in shoulder zips and clumped up gold trinkets. Maybe you could have tried zapping away those pouches under your eyes too, darling. And yes, the skirt and the wicked witch's pointed shoes do nothing to rev up the style quotient of this ensemble.

Pretty. Simple. Pretty simple. Sonam's choice of scarlet lip colour revs up the otherwise sedate and marmish dress. Oh no! You're way too young to cavort in boring greys, blanched pastels and dull hues. Gift yourself the vivid hues, darling. The shoes manage to up the style quotient a bit though. Just a lil bit.

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