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DIY Halloween Bubbles

 Halloween Bubbles

Does the idea of kids and Halloween candy leave chills up your spine, holes in your teeth and nightmares of kids running around in circles for hours on end in your head?  Fear not!  I have a solution that will keep the little ones busy and the dentist happy.  B U B B L E S!!


These bubbles are traditionally for weddings and celebrations but with a little DIY makeover they can easily be transformed into frightfully fun bubbles.

{{Gather This}}

scrapbook paper
hot glue
google eyes
mesh fabric or trim (this one was from Jo-Anns)
coffin box or other box (this one was from Michaels)
folkart paint black metallic
foam paintbrush
paper graphic

Trim the paper to fit around the bubble container (leave a little extra for overlapping).  Add a drop of hot glue to one side of the bubble container.

Place the paper into the hot glue.  Wrap around and secure the end with a drop of hot glue.  Repeat for each bottle.

I LOVE google eyes!

Hot google eyes to the tops of the bubbles.

Cut strips of mesh fabric to fit a few times around the bottle.  Using a hot glue gun helper finger cap, hot glue the mesh around the bottle.

Hot glue a paper flower to the front center of the bottle.

Make as many as desired.

Dry brush paint the coffin box with metallic black paint.  The dry brushing effect will create haunted streaks.  To dry brush, dip the brush into paint, tap off almost all the paint and with a very light hand, paint the coffin box.

 Decorate the box by hot gluing paper cutouts, flowers and gems to the side of the box.  Load teh box with bubbles and pass out to the kids....or keep them for your self!

P.S. Grown-ups love them too!

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