Kamis, 20 Oktober 2011

Sunglasses: how to get them right

Before Nicole Richie there was Jackie O. The First Lady of Style was single handedly responsible for making over-sized, bug-style sunglasses iconic. It's rumoured that she had the shades designed to shut out the paparazzi that followed her every move. The iconic black and tortoiseshell frames she favoured have been copied over and over again. Every woman needs a pair in her wardrobe – the key is finding the right style for your face shape.

Here's how to make like a Kennedy.

Heart Shaped Face: Opt for frames that are wider at the bottom to add width to the lower half of your face. Super-large styles work well on a Heart but you should avoid square shapes that sit too high.
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Square Shaped Face: This Square suits the classic Jackie O style – round and oval – that counteract the angular lines of your face shape. Steer clear of frames with hard, boxy lines. Gradient lenses (dark to light) look great too because they help soften the face.

Round Shapes Face: Minimise fuller cheeks with frames that elongate your face. The Round can wear sharper, more angular styles with a square, almost oblong top. This face shape also looks fantastic in cat-eye or upswept lenses. Think a little more Audrey than Jackie.

Oval Shaped Face: The symmetrical proportions of an Oval mean you can pretty much wear whatever style you like but choose a style where the arm of the sunglasses connects with the top of the frame. This will help keep your whole look balanced.

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